The Five Day Course in Thinking - Edward De Bono
Five Day Course100This book actually contains three, five day courses, each dealing with a different style of thinking. The focus of the book is directed less towards the solving of the problems, than at helping you understand your approach, and through this awareness, improve your thinking abilities.

Each course sets a practical hands-on problem, that requires no specialist knowledge or maths. Throughout the five days it builds, what begins as a tricky challenge, into one more difficult than you would have imagined being able to solve. En route De Bono offers insights into the problem solving process and pointers to areas you might explore to illuminate your own thought processes.

The three courses look at insight, sequential and strategic thinking. De Bono succeeds in creating an entertaining learning environment. Readers will enjoy the challenges set and will gain valuable insights from their thinking about their thinking.

A powerful book to improve what Woody Allen called his ‘second most favourite organ’.

Sample Problem
As a taster, this is the first puzzle of the book.

Place three bottles upright on the floor to form a triangle where the distance between the bases of the bottles is slightly larger than the length of a knife. Use three identical knives to form a platform on top of the bottles to support a full glass of water. No part of any knife may touch the floor.

Click here for the solution – but in doing so you will kill the chance to explore your thinking processes.

Steve Unwin
August 2010