Bradbury Stories - Ray Bradbury
Bradbury Stories100On what began as a business improvement web site, why reviews of books that obviously aren’t about business improvement? This is a question that I’d probably be asked were it not for the fact that people involved in business improvement are far too busy to ask it, let alone read any book that doesn’t promise an immediate answer.

And that’s the problem, and the reason for books like this.

You see, I don’t believe there are any answers, not ones that stay still long enough to be written down, let alone printed then read. But there are some interesting questions. And the good thing, great thing, is that members of the human race, are inherently great askers of questions, and great at working things out.

But if you spend what little time you allow for reading, devoted to scanning the Harvard Business Review, all you’ll read about is how businessmen see the world, and what they think should be done. You’ll find lots of answers, to be replaced by new ones as the fashions change, and nothing to stir you from your slumber to think, really think.

Of course you don't have time for anything that’s not efficient, results oriented and an optimum use of your time, which of course is what you’ve been told your time is for.

So here it is from a supreme story teller. The chance to see new things, think new thoughts, be stirred and maybe shaken into having new perspectives, new insights and who knows new ideas, and all it takes is ten minutes. A book full of 100 stories of less than ten pages that you can read in a handful of minutes.

Give it a go. What you’ve got to lose, is all good.


Steve Unwin
February 2009