Essence of Da Vinci – Steve Unwin
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An inspiring treasury of quotations and drawings to unlock your creativity. Give the gift of inspiration.

We live in an increasingly complex and unpredictable world. The need has never been greater for connected thinking that taps into our creative talents.

With a structure inspired by one of the greatest creative minds ever to have lived, this book draws on the insights of creative individuals that have shaped change over centuries.

Presenting a collection of hand picked quotations and specially created drawings, the aim is not to instruct but to inspire the creative genius that lurks within us all.

“I have my favourite pages of course, but almost every page stirred me to think.”

“It’s the kind of book you can open at any page, and read something that changes your day.”

“Forget dry half-hearted books of quotations. This is something quite different...”

“Great gift for anyone, whether they’ve yet to discover their creativity, or not.”

“A beautiful piece of work, clearly created with care and love.”

“I liked the list of famous people who contributed quotations. It’s given me ideas of other books to find.”

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244 pages, 300+ quotations, 170+ original drawings, ISBN 978-1-906420-02-4

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