Dead Poets Society (DVD)
Dead Poets Society100Professor Keating (Robin Williams) a newly arrived teacher inspires his students to learn through discovery and clashes with the authoritarian school establishment. Casting aside the stilted traditional view of poetry, Keating, through the ‘Dead Poets Society’ encourages his students to be themselves and act as individuals. To the battle cry ‘carpe diem’ (seize the day) he launches them on individual journeys of discovery and growth the outcomes of which can not be predicted.

The film charts the growth of the students and the reaction of the establishment to these new methods and reaches a climax with a confrontation between the establishment and Keating where the students are forced to choose.

This is a moving and thought provoking movie. I can think of no more beautiful exploration of the divergent question of ‘Education Control v Freedom?’ than this film.

A classic movie. If you’ve not seen it, track it down.

Steve Unwin
August 2010