Essence of Excellence - Steve Unwin
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An inspiring treasury of quotations and drawings to unlock your creativity

In life nothing is permanent and our success, even our survival, depends on not simply coping, but thriving with change.

Paradoxically, the pressure for change can mean we have little time to stop, think and create, and instead look for packaged prescribed answers. Yet change ensures that these solutions apply to worlds that no longer exist.

As an antidote to the thick volumes describing what worked in the past, Essence of Excellence seeks to liberate our imagination to create new solutions for today.

Fashioned from over 250 carefully selected and inspirational quotations each enhanced by specially created drawings. The result is an invitation to new understanding and a catalyst to new achievements.

“I love collecting good quotations but hadn’t seen a book like this before. It’s really quite charming.”

“I loved the illustrations. They help make the ideas from the quotations sink in. A clever idea in itself.”

“Though this isn’t a business book, it has more ideas I can use at work than a shelf of business books.”

“Gave it to my dad. He loves it and keeps quoting it back to me.”

“It’s full of great ideas and the illustrations are fab!”

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160 pages,   17.2cm Square Format,   Full colour Cover,   Illustrated throughout.

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