For One More Day - Mitch Ablom
For One More DayThis is the second book by Mitch Ablom that I’ve read and follows the pattern of the first (The Five People You Meet in Heaven) in being fairly short, you can read them easily in a day, and are poignant and thought provoking. In the case of these two books at least, they both explore the subject of death.

The title, For One More Day, captures the regret surrounding lost moments and opportunities to share thoughts and spend time with a loved one before they die.

Ablom cleverly constructs a story around the main character Charley Benetto, an aging ex-baseball player whose moment in the sun, six-weeks in the major league, is now a dimming memory. His life falling apart around him he decides to take his own life. For the bulk of the book we are drawn into an ethereal world, not knowing quite whether he survived or died and is in some way recounting the story from beyond the grave.

We follow the story as he reflects on his life, the transition from childhood to adulthood and begins to reassemble his understanding of who he is and his relationships to his mother and father.

Some may feel it rather sentimental, but I found many valuable insights into understanding the nature of relationships and being able to understand ourselves and our interconnections with others.


Steve Unwin
July 2009