Graphic Design School - Alan Swann

Graphic Design School100If you’ve read the review of Design and Layout, you’ll already know that we are all graphic designers, and each time we produce a document or give a presentation we display our design skills, or not. Communicating anything through words or words and images is a graphic design task and effective design helps make the message more accessible, more easily understood and thus more effective.

The book is divided into three sections

  • The Language of Design
    This provides an understanding of the basics of design such as use of colour and exploring design ideas.
  • Principles and Techniques
    This outlines ways in which design can be used to influence the effectiveness of communicating information and ideas.
  • Commercial Practice
    Here are examples from different industries of how design has been applied with explanations of how and why different techniques have been used.
  • If you want to dip your toe into the topic if using design to make your communication more effective then I recommend Design and Layout. If you’ve read that and like what you’ve produced, then Design School might help you take your ideas a step further.

Steve Unwin
September 2008