Himalayan Odyssey – Steve Unwin
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The gift of inspiration from the Roof of the World.

If you’ve ever felt truly inspired, it probably wasn’t whilst sat at a desk, or sitting in an office. Sometimes the most inspired work of the day happens in the morning shower, or the walk across the park to the office.

There are places that suppress and those that ignite our talents. To peer down into the Kathmandu valley is surely to be in one of the world’s most inspiring places.

Himalayan Odyssey allows you to share something of the inspirational magic of the mountains. Carefully selected quotations and original drawings provide the means to transport your thinking, creating new vistas and offering new inspiration.

“Beautiful drawings and quotations.”

“This book deserves a quiet place and a few quiet minutes, just like being in Nepal!”

“I love the quotation on page 47 ‘When you have only two pennies left, buy a loaf of bread with one and a lily with the other.’ This is a lily.”

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108 pages, 90+ quotations, 150+ original drawings, Thumbnail biographies of contributors.

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ISBN 978-1-906420-03-1

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