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Inspiration from the cradle of civilization. The gift of inspiration.

We truly travel, not when we move our feet but when we move our minds, when we allow ourselves to see not just what is new, but to see in new ways. Our reward is a moment of clarity, an elusive insight or a connection where none previously existed.

Inspired by visits to Iran to share ideas, tour some of its wonderful cities and experience the warmth of its people, Iran Inspired captures some of the spirit of exploring the cradle of civilization in drawings and carefully selected quotations. The result is a book that both reflects the experience of visits to Tehran. Isfahan, Shiraz and the desert city of Yazd and also captures the inspiration evoked by these places and their people.

“I have read a little about Iran. It’s somewhere I’d love to visit. This book gave me a feel for the country.”

“This isn’t a guide book, but gave me an intriguing glimpse of Iran.”

“The quotations came to life with the illustrations.”

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128 pages, 120 quotations. 100+ original illustrations, thumbnail biographies of contributors.

ISBN 978-1-906420-07-9

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