Letting Go - Steve Unwin

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When we remove the blinkers and our life becomes an exploration, who knows where our journey may take us.

This is an elegantly simple and yet profoundly insightful story of how to better manage change.

In the tradition of Animal Farm we follow the awakening of Donkey who, with the help of Beetle and Cat, develops new ways of seeing and being.

Letting Go invites the reader on their own journey of new thinking. The story being complimented with quotations which invite the reader to take their own steps of discovery, learning of change whilst being changed.

“It’s a simple story, but one that set me thinking about my own life.”

“I recognised the three main characters in myself and people I’ve met. I’d love to be the cat, but feel too much like the donkey at the moment.”

“I’ve not read a book quite like this before. The quotations are really useful. They reinforce the story and made me think about myself, my story.”

“The introduction is a little long, but the story is easy to read and I could recognise myself in the characters.”

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192 pages   23.3cm x 15.7cm,  Format   Full colour Cover   Illuminated with quotations

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ISBN  978-1-906420-00-0
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