Motionless Journey - Mathieu Richard
Motionless Journey
This book is a collection of photographs and accompanying quotations.

The photographs were taken from a vantage point high in the Himalayas.

Mathieu Ricard is a photographer and Buddhist monk and also a former western scientist. He recently spent a year in the solitude of a hermitage in the mountains near Kathmandu, surrounded by spectacular scenery. Nestled between lush valleys and the mountains, each day he contemplated the different subtleties of light from the early morning before dawn to the evening after nightfall.

At the rhythm of one or two images per week, he thus immortalised the magnificent landscape and wonders of nature that surrounded him.

The photographs taken from the hermitage’s terrace and immediate surroundings, are the fruit of this long ‘wait without waiting’ and of the elation of bearing witness to nature’s harmonious movement through meditation.

Having spent a few days in the magical environment that Mathieu has photographed, I applaud him in his attempt to capture the unattainable.

Steve Unwin
August 2010