Prague Inspired – Steve Unwin
An inspiring treasury of quotations and drawings.  The gift of inspiration.

To tread the streets of the city of Prague is to walk in the footsteps of the creative and the shadow of some of their wonderful creations. There are few places that exude such richness of talent in the architecture, music and the arts.

Prague Inspired captures the spirit of this wonderful place to inspire us all. To those who have visited Prague the book will serve as a reminder, not just of things seen, but of feelings this remarkable city is able to stir. If you’ve yet to visit, it will allow you to sample the experience and make you yearn to travel there. I hope for everyone it will awaken your creativity with the opportunity to see, think and do things differently.

“It’s not a regular travel book. Other books capture Prague but this captures what it felt to be there.”

“I gave this as a gift to a friend who had left Prague so she could take a little of it with her.”

“The quotations are quite inspiring.”

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94 pages, 70+ original illustrations, 90 quotations and thumbnail biographies of contributors.

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ISBN 978-1-906420-04-8
Prague Inspired Personal Notes