Re-imagine - Tom Peters
This is not quite a coffee table book, but it is probably more at home there than sandwiched on the shelf between other business titles.

It’s clear that Tom Peters wants the book to stand out from the crowd.

If you have small children you’ve probably encountered the publisher Dorling Kindersley through their children’s books packed with high gloss colour pictures and eye catching page layouts. These are the hallmarks of this book, and in the main it is certainly pleasing to the eye. The result is a book to browse rather than read, to dip into rather than work through. This is no bad thing at all.

If you’ve seen Tom Peters speak or have read any of his other books I suggest that in the thrust of this book there is little new. That’s not to say that the pictures, quotations and side stories won’t add to your understanding of Peter’s message; the core of which is to campaign that a new world demands new re-imagined approach to business.

If you’ve not familiar with his work then this book is a rich introduction to his rants and his passions. I suspect that his style will not suit everyone. He states that he writes motivated by anger, and sometimes this can obscure some of the points he makes, but there is little doubting his passion. As you leaf through its pages you’ll probably find yourself agreeing or disagreeing, but strongly, and this is precisely his aim.

In summary a book whose style is in marked contrast to most of the business titles around and as a result may spend less time trapped on the shelf. If you’ve not met Peter’s work, this is your Technicolor opportunity to catch up.

Steve Unwin
February 2008