Snow Cake - Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, Director Marc Evans

Snow Cake100Alan Rickman stars as Alex, a dour Englishman who is involved in a tragic car accident whilst driving across Canada. The repercussions of the crash bring him to snowy Wawa, Ontario where he finds himself looking after an eccentric, high-functioning autistic woman named Linda played by Sigourney Weaver.

As Alex gradually begins to adjust and open up to his new surroundings, he develops an awkward friendship with Linda. However, things are complicated when Alex begins a tentative romance with Linda's divorced neighbour Maggie (Carrie-Ann Moss).

There are tremendous performances from Weaver and Rickman, the script is peppered with clever and humorous lines and memorable scenes such as Linda and Alex playing a game of scrabble with invented words.

It’s a heartwarming and humorous drama, but the kind of film that sneaks up on you and you don’t realise how much it has affected you until you find yourself thinking about it days later.

Many thanks to my friend Hamid who so expertly translated my presentation in Tehran and who recommended this film to me. I pass his recommendation on to you wholeheartedly.

Steve Unwin
November 2008