Travellers - Steve Unwin

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In a fast changing world, our view of the challenge we face may have already determined whether we will succeed.

There is a story of two shoe salesmen sent to Africa to win business. Soon after arriving the salesmen sent quite different messages home. The first sent the message :-
“Situation hopeless - no one wears shoes!”

Whilst the second salesman sent the contrasting message,
“Situation wonderful - no one wears shoes”

In Travellers we see through the eyes of artist and businessman. One sees a world through questions, the other through answers. What this apparently small difference reveals is both deeply surprising and insightful.

“The idea behind the book is deceptively simple. I’d always thought of questions being about getting answers, but this book made me think again.”

“I loved the quotations that had me shooting off in new directions.”

“Really showed how blinkered the thinking can get in business.”

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176 pages   23.3cm x 15.7cm Format   Full colour Cover   Illuminated with quotations.

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ISBN 978-1-906420-01-7
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